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On-Site Brand Workshop
Purposeful people drive organizational results and purposeful organizations have intrinsic customer attraction.
Have you and your leadership team go through my eight brand exercises. Each person needs to complete each exercise individually before coming together and comparing thoughts. This will demonstrate how well the core corporate messaging has been communicated and understood.

This workshop will help you develop a clear and solid foundation for all business communications and will positively affect every area of your business from hiring employees to sales messaging. Communicating with purpose has far-reaching implications for determining your vision, mission, culture and core values to help build a company on a unified understanding of why you are on the planet and what you're trying to accomplish as an organization.

It's one thing to answer the questions; it's something altogether different to illustrate how your organization can apply the results to tangible sales and marketing pieces. Making the leap from theory to the tangible is a must.

ATTENDEES: CEO Required with everyone at Director Level, Up to 8
TIME: 6 to 8 hours (not including breaks)

The Branding on Purpose Process
1. Understand your “why”
2. Clarify and distill your business message
3. Identify the driving force behind the business
   What drives the business?
   What do you want to be known for?
4. Proclaim what you believe
   Are you attracting the right customers?
   How are you going to make a difference?
5. Determine your one thing — What can you be best at?
6. Define offerings
   Where are you going and how are you going to get there?
   What are you providing that the world needs?
7. Write your Story Brand for your business.
   Customize your messaging based on audience needs?
   Streamline and simplify your marketing and sales messaging so potential customers quickly understand.
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Brand Workbook

This Brand Workbook is a Brand Consultant/Brand Workshop in book form. It is an accumulation of my experience as an entrepreneur, small business owner and brand strategist written for other small business owners. The core of this work is the eight brand exercises with detailed instructions.

It has additional information (9 Chapters & two appendixes; Brand Archetypes and the Business Naming Process) than the online workshop.

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Online Workshop

This workshop is designed for owners of micro businesses, entrepreneurs or start-ups. It's a low-cost alternative to entering a consulting arrangement.

It includes the eight core exercises found in my Branding on Purpose Workbook. Each exercise has instructions and a video to guide you through the 4- to 8-hour process.

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