Communicate with purpose.
Attract the right people.
Grow intentionally.

Jän Paul Ostendorf

Bringing the power of branding to small businesses.

Being misunderstood is frustrating. Every business wants to be judged on their true merits, capabilities and value. Most businesses communicate an unclear message with too many details for the customer to care—resulting in lost opportunities. As business owners, we can't distance ourselves enough to see the communication hurdles that are confusing the decision-making process.

Eliminating communication hurdles between companies and their customers.

Branding on purpose eliminates misconceptions and creates a congruency between a company's purpose and their brand communications. So before you spend money sending out a message with advertising, marketing and sales, clarify the message and build it on purpose.

Helping small businesses with:
Message Clarification 
Brand Consulting
Business Model & Stratup Strategies
Naming and Renaming
Marketing Materials: Print & Web
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“Our new name and brand has changed the mentality of our organization––it clarified our purpose and provided momentum.” —Tina Patterson, Executive Director, Homefull

“This is truly a new era for Baker & Taylor, this new brand image conveys our strategic direction.”  — Tom Morgan, CEO, Baker & Taylor

"Being able to cut through the peripheral accumulated visual noise and provide a clear brand direction is a gift. Jän has that." — Michelle Kohanzo, CEO of Land of Nod

I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and studied Industrial Design at The Ohio State University. After 30 years of being a designer, inventor, and entrepreneur, I now run my own branding consultancy. 

My purpose is to help small, privately-held business owners clarify their message, both verbally and visually—delivering the power of branding to small businesses. I accomplish this through consulting, brand workshops, speaking engagements and writing.

Hermes Creative / May 2015 / Gold / Boston Stoker Coffee Co.

Hermes Creative / May 2015 / Platinum / Cambia Factor Rename and Rebrand

AAF / Feb 2015 / Gold / Branding Boston Stoker Coffee Co.

Hermes Creative / May 2013 / Gold / Datayard Rename and Rebrand

AAF / Feb 2013 / Gold / Datayard Renaming and Rebranding

AAF / Feb 2011 / Gold / Homefull Renaming and Rebranding

AAF / Feb 2011 / Best of Show / A Modern Eden Branding

Expressive TypographyVan Nostand Reinhold Publishing, Inc.,1989

Basic Visual Concepts and Principles for Artists Architects and Designers, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 1992

American Corporate Identity 11 Art Directors Book Company, 1995

Power of Purpose: Creating Distinct Patterns Through Branding, 2017

Branding on Purpose Workbook: A Guide for Small Business, 2017

Speaking Engagements
Jän speaks about message clarification, power of purpose, how to name a company, psychology of branding, how to attract the right customers, and the verbal to visual chasm.

"I would rate Jan as one of the most substantive and relevant speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. His contributions to the students’ and my own knowledge about a broad scope of branding issues were substantial. I wish all the speakers I work with could be as knowledgeable, generous and caring about the subject matter they present."    — Irene J Dickey Lecturer, Department of Management & Marketing  School of Business Administration University of Dayton Director, Procter & Gamble Marketing Challenge

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What's up with the patterns?

Ostendorf + German + Bavarian Flag + Bauhaus Design School + OSU Industrial Design + Geometric Pattern

While writing my books, I uncovered an amazing connection between my German heritage and creating patterns.

The design philosophy of "form follows function" and "simplification of form" comes from The Bauhaus School of Design. Its foundational course was used by all major design colleges and universities for decades. Ohio State University's Department of Industrial Design was one such school. I was privileged to have the founder and Chairman of the Department, Charles Wallschlaeger, as a professor.

My journey led me to explore patterns with geometric shapes in Charles' textbook, Basic Visual Concepts and Principles for Artists, Architects, and Designers. In my research, I discovered a wood block toy on the Bauhaus Museum Online Store. After making my own set, I found I was attracted to the triangle pattern that created rhombi shapes. This pattern coincidently made the same pattern of the Bavarian flag—the land of my heritage. I'm using this particular pattern as well as other patterns created by a simple repeated triangle as one of my brand elements.