Visual Brand

Aligning visual identity to purpose — creating an authentic brand that is distinct from your competition.
What types of companies do you work with?

Short Answer: I work with Owners of small, privately-held businesses between 1 to 500 million in revenue

Medium Answer: New companies looking to develop their core business messaging before embarking on any substantial marketing efforts. They are looking for a consistent yet distinct visual brand they can promote across all their channels.
Long Answer: Business Owners need someone from the outside looking in (rather than the opposite) to reassess how they are being perceived in the marketplace and eliminate misconceptions and miscommunications about who they are and why customers should care. A clear purpose attracts the right people (employees and customers) for the right reasons.
Why I don’t create logos in isolation.

Logos don’t exist in a vacuum. They are surrounded by copy, color, a tagline, photos, or illustrations. Logos or brandmarks need to be designed surrounded by the elements that create the world they will represent.

Every item of your brand (both verbal and visual) needs to reinforce your purpose. All items need to be developed in unison. Your purpose is holistic and your brand needs to be built that way.
Why a brand framework and not a brand standards manual?

The premise of a standards manual is that you know in advance every application your brand will be applied. Providing a brand framework is more like tools in a sandbox. It provides the flexibility and freedom for creative professionals in the future to adapt to unknowns.

Having all the brand assets in your toolbox that reinforce your purpose, everything will have a family look while still being unique. Purpose provides creative direction.
How does purpose contribute to the brand?

Being distinct is paramount. Separating yourself from your competition is the key to attracting the right customers. Being authentic and aligned with your purpose allows you to not only attract the right customers but attract them for the right reasons.

Clarifying your purpose in consort with understanding your customer becomes our guide. Purpose is unique.


DISCOVERY Brand Workshop

DEFINE Create a visual vocabulary

COLLABORATION Create a shared visual pallet

DEVELOPMENT Create 2 to 3 Brand Board drafts

DELIVERABLE Approved Brand Board

Brand Board

Brand Boards includes:

– Logo Designs

– Visual Identity Development

– Corporate Color Palette

– Patterns & Treatments

– Web Favicon

– Social Icons
Illustration or Photo Style


Branding on Purpose Workbook

Brand Architecture Guide

Brand Board Examples

Time & Cost

Brand Discovery Process
1– 2 Weeks
Kick-off Meeting
Brand Workshop: 8 Brand Exercises
Exercise Response Synopsis
Define Audience
Clarify Goals, Purpose, Mission, Vision
Define Positioning
Core Business Messaging Draft

2–3 Weeks
$4,000 — $6,000

1–2 Weeks
2–4 Weeks depending on complexity
$5,000 — $25,000

“There is no close second. His ability to distill concepts, and then articulate them through visual and written language, is as good as it gets.”
Peter Beckendorf, Founder & Director, The Collabratory
Cover of Branding on Purpose Workbook and Power of Purpose