Built on Purpose

Purpose Alignment + Naming + Messaging + Visual Brand

Human to Human.
Not B2B or B2C.

“Companies need to exist for a higher purpose than mere profit generation to transcend the category of merely good.” — Jim Collins
Communicating with Purpose
Business speak is based in fear — the fear of saying something wrong. It lacks passion and purpose, the two components that attracts the attention of people.
Passion and purpose cut to the core of "the why" you do what you do, why the company's reason for being. According to Viktor Frankl “main motivation for living is our will to find meaning.” People look for meaning and purpose to connect to. The question is, is your business communicating with purpose.
Purpose is the foundation and guide
Most creative professionals use trends, demographics, or what is cool for direction and inspiration. What each of these terms means changes day to day and from person to person.
A clarified and well-defined purpose is the only true foundation and guide to build an authentic brand. It is key to attract the right people for the right reasons.
I specialize in rebirthing brands or brand creation — making your intangible dreams a viable reality.
“Striving to find meaning is the primary motivational force in man.” — Viktor Frankl, Psychiatrist, Auschwitz Survivor, “Man’s Search for Meaning”

Naming, Messaging, & Visual Brand

“A bad, boring, or soundalike name dramatically dilutes the brand equity and potency” — Fast Company
Naming sounds simple. It is not. You need a foundation of purpose, a proven process, and someone with experience as a guide.
Building an identity is more than a name, just like a brand is more than a logo. The naming process includes preliminary trademark and URL searches, as well as, taglines, brand story, positioning, social media handles, messaging, while considering the direction of the visual brand.
What does your brand sound like? A well-crafted brand message is developed to speak directly to your audience(s) in your brand voice with personality. The well-defined purpose guides the choice of brand archetype and directs the writing of the company's vision, mission, values, and position.
Visual Brand
A brand is a complex system of interdependent parts. Your logo is the heart of your brand but is not your brand; therefore, it can’t be developed in isolation.
It's best first to create a brand framework  — a collection of attributes that your brand represents, starting with your purpose. The items in the framework (at least four but not more than six) can be words or terms that exemplify and reinforce the positive attributes of your purpose.
The world of a brand sure be developed in unison; the logo, colors, fonts, textures, graphics, photo treatments, social icons, UI, UX, etc., all at the same time, all on the same board(s). Your brand does not live in a vacuum, and it should not be developed in one either.
“Jän is a methodically focused, structurally disciplined, creative visual problem solver. He has paid close attention to the theories of brand concerning the needs of businesses and organizations seeking to express more than a graphically designed brandmark."
Gordon R. Pennington, Founder, Burning Media Group
Former Tommy Hilfiger Marketing Director
Cover of Branding on Purpose Workbook and Power of Purpose