The Power of Purpose: Creating Distinct Patterns Through Branding

Learn about how great brands have used the motivational language of purpose to attract the right people for the right reasons. Building a brand starts by distilling a clear and concise message of purpose. If done right, the purpose becomes contagious, permeates into the business model and results in a thriving culture of brand loyalty.

You can never be too clear when talking about your business

More than ever before, businesses have less time to make themselves relevant to potential customers and available new talent. Building your business on purpose creates the foundation and congruence throughout the organization to effectively communicate why your customers (and new hires) should want to be a part of what you provide to the world.

Getting to the point

This quick read (under 2 hours) sets the foundation for why you want to build all your business strategy and communication (vision, mission, company culture, values, sales, and marketing) on purpose. This book is the precursor to the larger Building Brands on Purpose Workbook: A Guide for Small Business Owners that takes you through, step-by-step, an 8-exercise process of clarifying your purpose.

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Branding on Purpose Workbook: A Guide for Small Business Owners

This workbook/book combination was written by an entrepreneur and small business owner for other small business owners. A complete leadership team is recommended to work on them individually, then to compare findings later.

Four signs that your company’s messaging needs clarified:
1. Potential customers misunderstand your company’s value
2. The company looks and sounds like your competitors
3. The old business identity doesn’t represent who you have become
4. The company’s direction is unclear

This workbook will help you develop a clear and solid foundation for all business communications and will positively affect every area of your business from hiring employees to sales messaging

Communicating with purpose has far-reaching implications for determining your vision, mission, culture, and core values. It will help build a company on a unified understanding of why you are on the planet and what you’re trying to accomplish as an organization.

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