Startup Consulting

You have a great idea... what now? If only you had someone to bounce your idea off of to get some objective feedback and a path forward.

It’s not uncommon to not know where to start with a startup.

Why should you hire a startup consultant?

Think about all (not necessarily do all) the important stuff when you start. Don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made and other entrepreneurs have made. Save time and money.

Tunnel vision / Personality — do what you are good at and hire out what you are not / You have an advocate that will help make connections to the right people.
How does a purpose statement help a startup?

Having a clearly defined purpose keeps you focused on what matters. It helps narrow the possibilities — which in the beginning seem limitless. However, if you have a goal to go to the moon, you are not going to waste time to outfit the rocket with extra weight and ornamentation. A purpose statement helps you say yes to the right things (and people) and not to the wrong things.

If your business model and branding is not solving a business problem, then it’s a waste of time and money.
Why should you hire me?

Back in the 90s, I had an idea and we turned it into FlexSign Inc. I helped invent, patent, trademark, market, sell products, and run the company with my good partner. I ended up not becoming rich, but I became wealthy in wisdom.

Combine that with the fact I have been in the Design and Branding field for 30 years helps me have a perspective between unconventional creative ideas and conventional wisdom. Ideas are great, but if they are unobtainable, they are no good. Developing a path to get you where you want to go is essential to reaching your goals. I can help you with that and if I can't, I will find someone who can.


DISCOVERY Brand Workshop

DEFINE What is your one thing?

COLLABORATION Business Model Generation Concepts and Options

DEVELOPMENT Create a visible, clear, and understandable plan

DELIVERABLE Business Model Document

Business Model

Purpose Statement
Vision & Mission aligned with Purpose
Messaging/Brand Story
Tagline/Positioning Statement
Belief Statements
Brand Essence Graphic
Business Model Options


Branding on Purpose Workbook

Business Model Samples

Time & Cost

1 Week
Define and clarify Goals, Industry, Market, Audience, Mission, and Vision

2 Weeks
$1,000 — $3,000

Cost depends on complexity

2 Weeks

"The exercises in Jan’s brand workshop at our Startup Week were loved by our attendees."
John Owen, Dayton Tech Guide Co-Founder,
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Builder, Startup Week Dayton
Cover of Branding on Purpose Workbook and Power of Purpose