Case Study

Mound Printing > Promotional Spring

After 60 years, this commercial printer wasn’t just a commercial printer anymore but not many people knew it.

As a commercial printer you're a dime a dozen. As a company that specialized in all things retail promotions, that was something different all together.

Identify the Problems

  • My identity needs to reflect my specialized offerings to a specific industry.
  • My company has evolved into something more than the typical commercial printer.
  • We need to communicate how we are different than all  the other commercial printers.

Diagnose and Define

Mound Printing was losing business because potential customers were putting them into a preconceived “typical commercial printer” box before they had the opportunity to tell their unique story.


“Our new brand has given us a much better platform from which we can tell our story. It more accurately aligns with our both our culture and capabilities, so it has positively affected our organization both inside and out.”

Dennis Riggs
CEO, Promotional Spring

Brand Essence Graphic

A visual distillation of the Essence of the Brand. The Brand Essence Graphic is your filter that all visual and verbal communication should measure up to. All marketing and sales should reinforce these five attributes. When determining whether business opportunities are meant for you to pursue, you look to this, as well as your vision and mission to determine whether these opportunities help you fulfill your purpose.

Verbal to Visual

The CEO had done the hard work of crafting the new strategic direction and making the hard business decisions, now the brand needed to eliminate the automatic response of “we have plenty of commercial printers to work with.”

Brand Framework

Implement the Solution

You can never be too clear when talking about your business.
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