Message Clarification

What is Message Clarification?

Are you or your sales staff having a hard time describing in simple and clear terms what your company does and why customers should care? Are there misunderstandings with what your company provides? Do people think your business does or provides some product or service that you don’t? Have customers or clients not known about a service you do provide?

Message clarification is about succinctly communicating what you do in simple terms that anyone can understand. It is about using emotional language to attract the right people for the right reasons. Using the power of purpose and meaning to connect emotionally with potential customers — not in a fake or luring way but in an authentic one so you are meeting their genuine expectations.

Why you may need a Brand Professional to help you with Message Clarification?

An outsider, a branding professional or writer, will make your message simple and clear to those that don’t have the time or energy to understand. They need to quickly receive what benefits your product or service will bring to their lives. There is too much competition in the marketplace for them to put in the effort to “get it.” At Purpose Branding, we are always striving to attract the right people for the right reasons by communicating in a way customer will quickly understand.

This works for internal communications as well as external. It helps solidify the company culture through a common language, a manifesto or credo everyone can rally behind. It helps get the right people on the bus when it comes to hiring. Passion for a common cause can’t be taught, skills can. With the right passion, anyone can learn and outperform those that don’t.

What is the process?

I would recommend that brand messaging be distilled and clarified before any marketing or advertising is embarked upon. Making sure you have the right messaging to attract the right audience is paramount. The process starts with a Brand Workshop to incorporate a holistic understanding of your company, industry and the customer groups that are particular to your business. The Verbal Brand Document is developed in context with the Mission, Vision, Purpose Statement, Values, Attributes, Brand Voice and Archetype of the Brand to paint the picture with depth and color.

Purpose Branding has an online course, a Workbook or can conduct an on-site Brand Workshop with the leadership team of your company. After the workshop is complete, a complete Verbal Brand Document is created to get your feedback and approval that the description is authentic to your Brand Culture. This is the foundation of any brand and branding activity, naming, renaming or rebranding. Without a clear understanding of who you are and where you want to go, a rebrand will be just a decorative upgrade.