Brand Creation

What is Brand Creation?

Brand Creation is building a brand for a new company, product or service from nothing or conducting a complete rebrand of an existing company starting with renaming. It could be referred to identity design or logo design. Often times logo design is mistaken for branding or creating a brand. A logo is a part of branding but is not the brand. The logo also could be referred to as the brandmark.

What services are involved with Brand Creation?

Find a company that specializes in starting new brands or renaming and rebranding existing businesses to realign their identity to their future strategic direction. If a new name is involved, it would be advantageous that the naming company has branding (visual) experience. Some names translate easier to the visual branding process — provides depth and "legs" to the visual stroy-telling process.

The Brand Creation process should include these services; Brand Research, Brand Creative Brief, Naming, Verbal Brand Document, Brand Boards (including Logo Configurations [other terms would include Logo Variations, Logo Versions; Horizontal and Vertical), Brand Color Palette, Typography, Supporting Brand Graphics, Social Icons, Visual Treatments, Illustration & Photography Styles)

What services Brand Creation does not include?

Brand Creation usually does not include the cost of filing for a Trademark or business name with the State you are headquartered. You will need to hire a business lawyer to handle a thorough trademark search and filing. The business name in your State can be handled by you personally.

Why you may need a professional to help with Brand Creation?

The benefit of having a professional walk you through the process, keep you on schedule and provide recommendations is paramount to a successful brand creation or rebrand. The consultant is not emotionally tied to idea or business will provide the outsider (a new prospective client) view you need to make your company’s value clear to those that have never experienced the brand. That objectivity is crucial for keeping the visual and verbal messaging easy to understand and digest by those that don’t have the time or energy to invest in cutting through the typical pitfalls of marketing — confusing messaging, visual clutter and trying to communicate too much information.

What is the brand creation process?

Unlike design firms or advertising agencies, a branding agency or brand consultancy will build a brand from scratch. Most branding agencies have a branding process. Purpose Branding builds brands on the company's purpose — communicating to the potential customer with meaning. Design agencies are notorious for creating something different for difference sake or whatever is new and trending. Advertising agencies often come up with witty and entertaining messaging that doesn’t reinforce why someone should engage with the business on an emotional and psychological need basis. Check out the Brand Workbook. It walks a business through the process of conducting a Brand Workshop.