Case Study

Donet > DataYard

How one company changed the narrative of their brand story to attract the right customers for the right reasons.

Clarifying the perception that this premium cloud host data provider is not the small dialup service that they were in the 90s.

Identify the Problems

  • We are being perceived as unqualified—too small and not reliable enough.
  • Our customers don’t understand the breadth of services we provide. 
  • Our name and identity is projecting the wrong message.

Diagnose and Define

For Donet, they wanted to be known for their robust, reliable and personal service. Once this was defined, we started the process of making their identity align to these semantic qualities.


“The new name and brand has transformed our identity and solidified us as a provider of premium business class data services.I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Working with Jän and his team was a fantastic experience for us. The feedback I've gotten on everything has been overwhelmingly positive.”

David Mezera
CEO, DataYard

Brand Essence Graphic

A visual distillation of the Essence of the Brand. The Brand Essence Graphic is your filter that all visual and verbal communication should measure up to. All marketing and sales should reinforce these five attributes. When determining whether business opportunities are meant for you to pursue, you look to this, as well as your vision and mission to determine whether these opportunities help you fulfill your purpose.

Verbal to Visual

Story of a Hero: Connecting on an Emotional Level

As a continuous learner, DataYard seeks to understand the complexities of hosting, storing, moving and protecting data so that their clients can have peace of mind and focus on what they do best.

Brand Framework

Implement the Solution

The brand portrays the Midwest’s industrial roots and the dependable nature of locomotives moving commerce across the land.
You can never be too clear when talking about your business.
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