Case Study

Boston Stoker

A forty year old coffee roaster needed to take “the coffee shop” to the next level. 

Seeing the changing trends, as well as, moving away from the multitude of copy-cat coffee shops, the Boston Stoker needed a bold rebrand to communicate their new strategic direction.

Identify the Problems

  • My company needs to project the image of where the industry is going.
  • My brand needs to communicate our new strategic direction.
  • We need to show our customers how we are supporting coffee growers.

Diagnose and Define

Boston Stoker needed to move away from one-of-many, drive-thru, flavored, drip coffee shops and become known for direct trade, small batch, slow brew roaster. The secondary business goal was to sell more whole bean coffee.


“Our family had just started transitioning the ownership of the company, so it was the perfect time for us to refresh our brand. Since joining forces with Jän and his team, we have seen immediate increases in sales with lots of new customers coming through our doors.”

Henry Dean
VP, Boston Stoker

Brand Essence Graphic

A visual distillation of the Essence of the Brand. The Brand Essence Graphic is your filter that all visual and verbal communication should measure up to. All marketing and sales should reinforce these five attributes. When determining whether business opportunities are meant for you to pursue, you look to this, as well as your vision and mission to determine whether these opportunities help you fulfill your purpose.

Verbal to Visual

It was time to align Boston Stoker Coffee Company’s identity and brand to their vision—impacting the coffee community from the quality of product to the families and communities of the coffee growers.

Brand Framework

  • 1920's look
  • Hand-crafted
  • Simple
  • Bold/Impact
  • Quality

Implement the Solution

Every piece needed to communicate premium coffee. Buying directly from the coffee growers and roasting the bean in small batches is where the industry is going.
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