In building a company, the visionaries attract others who believe in the vision, strive for the same goals, and dedicate energy to making that vision a reality. Those who are on board with this vision are willing to invest blood, sweat, and tears to make it a success—not necessarily just financial. The financial is a result of what they believe, success in spreading the vision to the world and sharing this new thing they are a part of. At the start, the vision builders get excitement and enjoyment—much more than they do from a paycheck—when another person loves their product. Capturing the hearts of people becomes contagious. It’s contagious because it’s not about money.

It’s about the purpose.

Sometimes these companies’ brands get buried in the closet when the day-to-day running a business gets busy. Spending time to rediscover the passion, vision, and belief that started the business is essential.

No one may have taken the time to write down the initial vision, belief, or purpose into a formal business plan. It started in the heart and mind of one individual, maybe two. From that vision it spread from person to person, sometimes being understood and sometimes being assumed that everyone “gets it” when they don’t.

Why is it so important to take the time to rediscover, clarify, and communicate it? The better a company articulates its purpose in everything it does, the better employees will understand the direction of the company and will feel like they are all in the same boat going the same direction. In the same light, more potential customers are attracted to what that company offers.

Law of Attraction

Brands are an extension of a company’s vision. Whether a company believes in branding or not, they are creating a brand. It’s well known that brands create similar benefits biologically and emotionally to that of religions. Many savvy entrepreneurs and startups today are realizing that the name of the company, the name of the product, and the branding need to be congruent and authentic—embodying the essence of the purpose.

Built on Purpose

Brands built on purpose have the strongest brand loyalty and the highest customer satisfaction and can demand a premium for their product or service. People connect and are attracted to purpose as much as they are to the product. They are buying something that validates and supports their purpose.