A Brand is like bread

It’s about ingredients and passion

There are hundreds of types of bread, but we all have our favorites. Some are labeled “Wheat,” and you can get them anywhere. Others are hard to come by and are high-valued. Their identity includes a family member’s name–Aunt Mary’s Famous Banana Nut Bread. We have expectations and memories of enjoying the bread. Their recipe has taken time to perfect, it has become uniquely their own, from ingredients and toppings to the time of baking.

Aim True

Sometimes it is enjoyed during certain times of the day or year, when it is accompanied by other things, with certain people, and in certain ways. Some have turned into a ritual. What makes them so awesome is that they were made from a passion for what baker loves, only worried about being true to themselves and the motivation to make others happy when they experience it. They are a truly authentic brand in and of themselves, appealing to those it appeals to—not trying to create a bread everyone will love. How many brands do you love to have their origin in a family recipe or unique approach to making a better product? Both ways have the end goal of delighting the recipient.


Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, uses the word lovemarks in his book to describe how great brands make an impression on us. Great brands are driven by love, much like we are. It’s unmistakable and undeniable. People love to support brands they love. Our goal should be to create services, products, and experiences that make a lasting impression and emotional connection with the customer—something they can internalize... Like fresh hot bread out of the oven.