Let's Get on the Same Page

Is your company dealing with any of these marketing and communication issues.

1. Does your logo and identity clearly represent your value proposition? 
2. Do potential customers have misunderstandings about what your company provides?
3. Are introductory meetings taking too long to explain your business?
4. Does your identity need realigned to your new strategic direction?
5. Do your employees clearly and accurately understand the organization's purpose?
80 Pages
Read Time: 30 Minutes

I know you’re busy and you have 101 other pressing issues, but we need to be on the same page. I wrote all my philosophies and approaches to solving core communication problems. These core communication problems become business, marketing and culture problems if not cleared up. They must be address before any branding, marketing or sales materials can be produced. Otherwise you're just wasting money. This book is short (only 80-pages) and will only take about an hour to read. An hour well spent.

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Second, Let's Talk

After you've read read "Power of Purpose" and like what your read, let's schedule a FREE 30-minute consult to answer any particular branding needs or questions you may have.

If you know your company needs to pivot or rebrand to reflect a new direction, we should start the branding process with the Discovery/Research Phase — a Brand Workshop.

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And Lastly, Let's Schedule an On-Site Workshop

Before you prescribe a solution, you first must properly diagnose.

Every message clarification, rebrand or renaming project should start with a clear idea or where you want to go. The Brand Workshop is perfect to get everyone on the same page and build a solid foundation that will guide you through the process.

These one-day Brand Workshops will take you and your leadership team through my eight brand exercises. I recommend each person complete each exercise individually and independently before discussing and comparing thoughts. This will demonstrate how well the core corporate messaging has been communicated and understood by the leadership. 

What to do it yourself? Check out my DIY Resourses.

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