Time to Realign, Renew… Maybe Rebrand

December 27, 2018

Why should you take the time to consider a rebrand?.

There are many reasons to invest in a rebrand but it usually starts with solving a strategic business problem. Your business may have become something more than when you started it. The industry or market may have changed or advanced beyond your identity. Or maybe there are some misunderstandings about what your company provides?

No matter what your circumstance, your business may need a rebrand to better verbally and visually communicate who you are and what value you  bring to their lives. You're in good company, great businesses will evaluate and assess how clearly and accurately they are communicating to the outside public every three to five years. Some make a revolutionary change. Here are a few that you may know about.

Have you seen any red flags that your identity, name or brand has not been helping or maybe even confusing possible customers? Have they been arriving at false conclusions before you've had a chance to tell your story? Take some time to reevaluate how well the identity of your business is communicating who you are and why you're on the planet. Take a quick Twitter poll to see how many people quickly understand what you do by just showing your logo or company name.

I find the most candid answers come from those on the front lines with customers — the sales staff. I often ask them these questions; How long does it take for them to present the company? Does it require a slide deck? Does the message match the name, logo, and brand of the company? How much of your time involves filtering through requests to find the right customer?

I worked with one company where their sales staff reported to me that they spend 90% of their time filtering those possible new business inquiries. Only 10% of the inbound inquiries were the right customer for the right reasons. The other 90% were asking for things they don't do. That translated to 90% of their time, energy, salary, and resources of all the sales staff being wasted due to a misleading message, identity, and brand.

Anytime is a great time to assess whether your brand is doing its job. It's time to invest in evaluating how well your brand is aligned with your company's purpose.


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